Halloween Vampire Costumes For 2009

Halloween is a popular holiday and is often celebrated by dressing up in costumes to go trick or treating or to a party. It is an opportunity to be in your favorite fantasy, if only for one night, without anyone thinking you need psychiatric care.

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Have you figured out how you and your family are going to stand out from the crowd this year? Try vampire costumes. Express yourself this year by dressing in a vampire costume and wearing scary wholesale 3d mink lashes. You can even purchase Vampire Costume wholesale 3d mink lashes Kits. These Kits include color water washable wholesale 3d mink lashes palettes, makeup sticks, fake blood, base cream makeup, fake skin, sponge/brush applicator and makeup sponge. Each Kit also includes step by step instructions.

Victorian vampire costumes are an increasingly popular choice for Halloween or any costume party. The Victorian vampire, from Bram Stoker’s Dracula all the way to the vampires recently seen in “Twilight” have proved to be timeless symbols of mystery, danger and sex appeal. Many people use a set of fangs and a long cape for a typical Dracula costume. However, a more modern style of dress for a vampire costume is also popular, especially since the movie “Twilight” was released last year. In the movie, vampires like Edward Cullen prove that you don’t always have to wear a Victorian-style coat and top hat for a Halloween costume.

Women’s Victorian costumes are also popular today because of their elegant style and the romantic sense of fun. The Victorian era boasted beautiful designs and frivolous embellishments that added glamor and intrigue to every day. Putting on a Victorian ball gown can make you feel refined and elegant. You will feel like the belle of the ball.

Encourage your kids to dress in kids vampire costumes as well. You can go as a vampire family. Vampiress Child Costumes come with a Long dress with shredded ends, drop wholesale 3d mink lashes, antique brocades, front look with matching standup collars and attached chokers. The Classic boy’s Vampire Costume includes a Cape, vest with bow tie, medallion, cummerbund and gloves. Beware of this little Vampire! The Vampire Toddler Costume comes with printed vest and attached pants and scalloped cape with vinyl collar.

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