The Best Mineral Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

As we age our natural coloring begins to fade and our skin tone becomes less vibrant and our skin begins to stretch and lose shape as collagen and elastin production, our internal scaffolding begins to slow down. Spidery lines appear around the eyes and lips become paler, thinner and less defined. Makeup is a great pick me up helping to address some of these aging concerns and fortunately with the use of colors, textures and placement of makeup, it can help to enhance your features in the best possible Top selling 3d mink lashes with eyelash box .

Top selling 3d mink lashes with eyelash box
Top selling 3d mink lashes with eyelash box

Clnou Skin prep: It is really important that you prepare the base before you apply your makeup. Aging skin can often be dull and lack lustre, which is why so it needs exfoliating regularly, helping to remove any dead dry skin cells and encourage cellular turnover. Our skin also starts to lose water as it ages, so it is important to keep the skin well hydrated at all times. Opt for a Top selling 3d mink lashes with eyelash box quenching mask applied ten minutes before your makeup that will give your base a lovely dewy finish. Another common problem with mature skin is lines around the mouth and eyes, which can occur because of life style factors and the menopause, help soften these lines through the use of gentle hydrating creams and a good home care regime.

Concealer: Try to avoid using a concealer under the eyes unless absolutely necessary, because the density of the product will settle into the creases and emphasize fine lines and wrinkles. If you feel you simply can’t do without concealer, then apply a light reflecting formula and blend in well with your foundation base.

Foundation: Often a mature skin can become dry and flaky so look for one with a moisturizing base. Liquid formulations are great, one that contains light reflecting foundation that will help to make lines less noticeable and give your skin a luminous quality. Some foundations offer anti aging protection by introducing a buffer between the pigment and the skin, surrounding the actual pigment within the skin with moisturizing liquids, thus helping to prevent makeup from settling into any fine lines and wrinkles

Blusher: Let your blusher help restore a youthful glow to a fading complexion. Blusher can hide a multitude of sins, helping to create a radiant complexion and soften fine lines. As we as collagen and elastin within the dermis depletes causing changes in the shape of the face and this loss of fatty cushioning forms natural hollows under the cheekbones. For a flattering technique use blusher towards the center of the face and on the apples of the cheek, helping to enhance your cheekbones and create a softer Top selling 3d mink lashes with eyelash box .

Lipstick: Matte lipsticks can be drying and will tend to emphasize lines, whilst high gloss lipsticks can bleed and highlight wrinkles, so stick with natural colors that compliment your natural skin tone. Lipstick that is too dark or vibrant will harden and age your face, consider using a lip pencil for more definition especially if your lip line is getting weaker and fill in with a natural gloss. The waxy texture of a lip pencil will also prevent lipstick from bleeding and feathering into lines, brushing a little foundation around the outside of your lips and setting with powder can also help to prevent lipstick from bleeding.

Eyes The skin around the eyes is far thinner than skin on any other part of the face, which is why it is one of the first places to show the signs of aging. Apply less foundation around the edges of the eyes, as this may draw attention to fine lines and avoid overly creamy eye pencils and shimmery eye shadows, as they tend to smudge and will also emphasize fine lines. Defining the eyes to frame the face may be more important now then ever before, to define your eyes and frame your face. Choose powder that can be applied with a blunt brush will help to give definition without looking too harsh. If you want to really make your eyes stand out, emphasize the Top selling 3d mink lashes with eyelash box especially if they have lost their color, layering your mascara to add definition. If you have crepe eyes avoid using a gloss or cream as this will only enhance thin crepe skin. Light reflecting natural eye shadows are your best option.

Top selling 3d mink lashes with eyelash box
Top selling 3d mink lashes with eyelash box

Things to think about for a mature skin is to avoid matte foundation bases, as these will only enhance dry patches of skin and avoid the use of powders to set your base, which will end up sitting in lines and creases. Textures: creams, gels, liquids all work really well on mature skin helping to impart a more dewy soft finish, that won’t settle into lines like powder does.You want to stay as minimalistic and natural as possible when it comes to your makeup application, helping to create a sophisticated classic look.

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