The Pros And Cons Of double layer mink fur strip lashes Implants

Eyelash implants were originally developed for people that were unable to grow double layer mink fur strip lashes naturally due to birth defects, medical conditions, and even burn victims.  But thanks to celebrities, just about anyone (if they can afford it) is able to get eyelash implants.

double layer mink fur strip lashes
double layer mink fur strip lashes


  • The process only takes 1-2 hours and is considered out-patient surgery.
  • You will have thicker lashes.
  • Unlike your natural double layer mink fur strip lashes , the implants will continue to grow, just like the hair on your head.  Therefore, you will need to remember to trim your lashes.
  • Approximately 50-60 lashes are sewn into each upper eyelid.


  • It is an actual cosmetic surgery and requires you to be put under a local anesthetic.
  • Hair, including the follicle, is taken from the back of your head and implanted into your eyelash line.
  • The results are not immediate.  It can take months before they start to grow.
  • It’s expensive, in the ball park of $3,000 per eye!
  • There will be physical pain and high levels of discomfort.
  • It will take time to recover.  Normally one to two weeks.
  • There is a risk of infection.

    double layer mink fur strip lashes
    double layer mink fur strip lashes


This isn’t a simple process will they actually make you feel better about yourself?  Once you have made the decision to have an eyelash implant surgery, make sure you find a doctor that specializes in this type of surgery.  This is not something to venture into lightly when you consider the cost and risks but it is a permanent solution to eyelash loss.

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