How One Jake Sully Avatar Costume Can Create Several Really Cool Costume Ideas!

Do you know how one Jake Sully Avatar Costume can create several really cool costume ideas? Keep reading and you will learn how to take one great costume and create an even better customized real sable fur eyelashes.

customized real sable fur eyelashes
customized real sable fur eyelashes

Clnou One of this years most popular Halloween costumes is the Jake Sully Avatar Costume from the blockbuster movie Avatar. What’s really cool about this costume is the options you have with it, not just buy the costume and put it on. With this costume you have several different looks you can create. Here are just a few examples.

First this costume is available in boys and mens sizes. So not only will the younger boys have a great costume but so will the big boys who are still kids at heart. There is nothing unique about this costume, it’s pretty simple as far as the costume itself goes.

The Boys Deluxe Jake Sully Avatar Costume has 3 customized real sable fur eyelashes, the detailed blue mask with the ears, a jacket which has blue sleeves attached for the Nav’i skin and the pants which have the built in tail. The mens costume has two options available… the Mens Deluxe Jake Sully Avatar Costume comes exactly as describe for the boys deluxe costume. The only difference in the Mens Jake Sully Avatar Costume is this one does NOT come with the pants like the mens deluxe costume which has the tail.

Okay now to create some really cool looks with this costume. For both the boys and mens costume you will want to use the deluxe costume as it comes with the tail. Men you can use the Jake Sully costume that comes with just the jacket and mask for a couple of quick different looks. But the tail is a HUGE part of this costumes appeal so we are using the deluxe costume with the tail.

The first look is just the costume itself as is. Great costume, really cool will look good in it. Put on the mask, jacket, pants and go have a great time! Quick simple easy ready to go in a matter of minutes. Add the bow and arrows or spear and you’re good to go.

This next look is using the jacket, pants and no mask. Kids love face painting and Avatar is absolutely the coolest thing in Face Painting. Simply paint the face / hands, use the Avatar customized real sable fur eyelashes for detailing the face. Men do the same and add the Avatar Jake Sully Adult Wig for the full effect.

This last look is a little more advanced more for the big boys so parents you will have the last word on this option. If you want the ultimate coolest Jake Sully Avatar Costume here’s what you do. Using just the pants with the tail, cut the pants into shorts, the shorter the better for maximum effect. In the movie Jake was wearing a loin cloth… the idea here is to look authenic as possible without getting arrested for indecent exposure.

customized real sable fur eyelashes
customized real sable fur eyelashes

Now you will need the blue body / face paint and paint your face and your whole body front and back. Then use the Official Avatar Makeup Kit for detailing the face and the finishing touches on your body. You can find a great Avatar customized real sable fur eyelashes video on how to do Neytiri’s makeup. It will give you the base for Jake’s makeup you just need to make a few tweaks.

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